The Amazing Tākaro Team

Riley says hi

We do have an amazing team here at Tākaro. One of our newest recruits is Riley who has come on board as our Booking Manager. She is the number one, ultra smiley, enthusiastic about everything staff member! If you are in Tākaro while Riley is here you will know what I mean.

Since she started with TT, she has made an impact on our team with her hard work, absolute best customer service and commitment to details. It is Rileys job to liaise with our customers direct, including our travel agent friends, take their requests and turn them into future bookings for us. It is a pretty thankless job sometimes, its all in the background and sometimes coping with all the demands is not fun at all! However, Riley doesn’t stop working and smiling.

Riley also gets out with the OPS team and is an absolute demon at loading the heavy e-bikes on trailers, she cycles with the cruise groups and helps all the people walking through our front door to get a bike and get out on the trails.

Thanks Riley for your commitment to Tākaro – we love you for it!

Tākaro means ‘to play’ in the Māori language, we are privileged to have this name and we are committed to this ethos too.

Happy New Year – 2023

I hope you are celebrating with the champagne, gin and whatever else is in the cupboard (just grab it, we’re too busy at work to plan!). ..

YAY, it’s a new year, feels so good! I want to say a HUGE thank you for helping us get through this crazy year. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support, visits and kindness mean so much and I can’t tell you how grateful we are.

We have high hopes for 2023, the wind is up and we’re sailing hard out, trying to keep upright. The bookings have gone nuts, we have a few new staff to train, which is feeling a little scary but I know that once we get up to speed we will be flying and feeling amazing as usual.