Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self-guided tour?
You are the leader. We provide all the information (maps and riding instructions) you need but you’re in charge! Self-guided tours offer flexibility but with the reassurance of our support just a phone call away.

What is the ‘No Worries’ package?
A special upgrade package (for just $10pp/day) which gives you the best bikes, gel seats, a cellphone holder for your handlebars, theft insurance, free water bottle and absolute priority for our support!

Does the winery rides include wine tasting fees?
Unfortunately no! You can choose which wineries you want to stop at, you generally have time for 3-4 at most and each winery has different fee structures for their tastings. We can help by supplying that info to you and also letting you in on the locals secret places which have FREE tastings!

What’s included in the cost of each tour?

  • Detailed riding instructions and a pathway map
  • Hire of a top of the range Scott/Avanti/Sinch bike or e-bike touring cycle and helmet
  • Locks, odometers, tool kits for bikes
  • Mechanical back up service
  • Booking service for optional activities, sightseeing or restaurants
  • Daily baggage transfer between accommodations to 16kg (for multiday tours)
  • Pannier bags (optional extra for single day and included in multiday tours)
  • Breakfast (for multiday tours)
  • Accommodation on the trail (for multiday tours)

Baggage storage for extra bags available at our reception centre.

Where do I park? There is FREE parking in Ahuriri and plenty of it. If you are on a multiday tour we have 2 dedicated parks for your use.

How fit do I need to be?
Our trails are flat and easy! If you are on a multiday tour to get maximum enjoyment from your cycling experience you should have a moderate level of fitness. Cycling times range from two to six hours, with options available for those who would like more or less time on the bike.

We recommend the use of cycling shorts which will help to avoid chaffing and provide extra padding on your seat. Many people also find padded cycling gloves useful for providing added comfort on longer duration rides. 

How will I know where to go?
We provide you with detailed daily instructions for your cycling trail as well as local maps. These will be printed so you can carry them with you as well as on Google Maps which we will provide a link for.

What will happen to my luggage while I’m cycling?
Each day your bags will be collected from your accommodation after 10am then moved to your next nights stay.

What will I need with me during the day?
Sun block, cell phone for emergencies, rain jacket, swimming togs (if you want to take a dip in one of the rivers en route), plenty of water and your wallet (for those bottles of wine!) should be all you need. 

Do I need a day pack?
Bike panniers are available for those who would like them fitted to their bike. Panniers are generally large enough for a couple’s daily requirements but some people may prefer to use their own day pack. 

What options are there for meals?
There are many options for lunches along the trails and this is something that our cyclists love to explore. The various cafes and wineries offer everything from platters to full restaurants suiting every budget. let us know if you would like us to book a restaurant for your lunchstop.

Hawke’s Bay is home to many outstanding and popular restaurants. A full list of ‘dining out’ recommendations will be provided to you or check out the page on our website.

When is the best time of year for cycling in the Hawke’s Bay?
The Hawke’s Bay region is blessed with long hot summers, mild winters and low rainfall making it an ideal destination for cycling all year round.

Average temperatures are:
• Summer 24 degrees
• Autumn 20 degrees
• Winter 14.5 degrees
• Spring 19.0 degrees

What do I need to know about New Zealand’s road rules?
All cyclists must follow the New Zealand road rules and guidelines as this will increase your safety when you are cycling on the road. Detailed information is available from the New Zealand Land Transport Safety Authority.

What if I get a puncture or other mechanical breakdown?
Takaro Trails offers a free mechanical back up service and we will provide you with a local phone number to call if you break down. Depending on where you are, some wait time is to be expected. In the event of a puncture, full puncture repair kits are provided. Repairing the puncture yourself is often your quickest and easiest option however we are happy to help if that is your preference.

What if I’ve had enough cycling part way through the day?
Tākaro Trails provides a pick up service for you and your bike if you find you’ve spent too long in a winery and don’t fancy the ride home! We’ll deliver you safely to your next accommodation stop ready for your next days riding. 

Can I extend my holiday to include rest days off the bike?
We thoroughly recommend you extend your stay in Hawke’s Bay as there is much to enjoy here. This can be done at the start or finish of your cycle trail, or include some ‘two night’ stops along the way to provide free days to rest or take part in other activities.

Tākaro Trails Cycle Tours home office : +64 6 8359030