About Us​

Tākaro means play...

In this crazy world, it can be the simple things that we appreciate, like a bike ride. We think life is better on a bike. That’s why we are in this business – we help you get on a bike and visit some unforgettable places in Hawke’s Bay.

The Tākaro Trails team will give you a personalised experience and get you into the heart of the Hawke’s Bay Trails, whether that involves a multi day tour where you ride around Hawke’s Bay visiting all the highlights over 3-5 days or a one day tour to visit just one of the best bits (with a couple of wineries along the way). 

Our mission is to get you on a bike, set you off onto the trails and catch up with you a few hours/days later to share your stories, big smiles and glowing happiness.

Who are we? Tākaro Trails was founded 10 years ago by Hawke’s Bay local Jenny Ryan. We are a small, family owned and operated, New Zealand cycle company. It all began for us (Karen and Rog, the current owners) in 2019 when we took over the reins from Jenny. After an amazing 2019-2020 summer where we met some cool people from around NZ and the world, COVID-19 hit! It’s fair to say that it stopped us in our tracks, kind of like hitting a tree root on a fast downhill and taking flight over the handlebars, down the bank to land in a gorse bush (I’m sure we’ve all done that eh). 

Since then, we had an (enforced) holiday and are now re-grouping to focus on you guys – Kiwi travellers. I have to say, so far it’s been great meeting more Kiwis and getting to know you. There is a lot of empathy out there and everyone that walks through our door is absolutely fabulous to deal with. A LOT of people are telling us that they are travelling to the regions to help the tourist sector and the New Zealand economy – that is amazing and we love you for this.

We employ the fabulous Tony who does pretty much everything but way better than us and we have local based tour leaders working alongside our tireless homebase crew. Together we are driven by having fun and being the best at what we do!

As for the cycling – it’s pretty damn incredible here in Hawke’s Bay – there are 200km of flat, easy and fast trails, meaning you can go as far as you want to and stop lots to enjoy the attractions along the way. It is the adventure and the experience that is important – the bike just happens to be the best way to travel!

Our reception centre is located in Ahuriri, only minutes from Hawke’s Bay airport and just off the main route into Napier from the North, and this is the ‘hub’ of all Tākaro Trails activity.

Tākaro Trails Cycle Tours home office : 9 Nelson Quay, Ahuriri Napier +64 6 8359030